Possibility to set Saving standard location where .mid file was found as .mid file

• Aug 10, 2011 - 10:38

Found Musescore yesterday & looking forward using it as Score Editor for the fantastic recording-program Reaper (which only has Matrix editing for Midi, but possibility to use external editors. Problem is that Reaper works with external .mid files, but musescore does not save over them by default. After finishing editing I first have to tell the program where to save and even worse worse that I want it to be saved as .mid. That's very time consuming when you use that editing every minute from within reaper & want to listen to your changes inside Reaper.

Reaper urgently needs a good score editor & I bet many people would be happy with this combination.

Should be very easy to add an option in Settings where you can set default save format to .mid.

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Wouldn't this be very easy to add & consequent?
It would improve workflow with reaper as provider of the .mid files very very much. Reaper has such an nice integration of external programs which becomes worthless when the flow while opening editing and saving a midi-sequence is interrupted by having to tell musescore to save over the just opened file through some "save as" menu.

Editing a .mid file should lead (as possibility) to the same edited .mid-file output when you press save...

Please, could you take a look at it?

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You might want to post a feature request to the Issue Tracker (see link at right). But you should be aware that a new version just came out a couple of weeks ago. it's probably going to be a while before a new versions comes out.

I'm not directly involved in development, but it seems to me this feature isn't as straightforward as you might think. MIDI is not really a native format for MuseScore - it is only something you can convert to and from. So it will probably always remain something you have to explicitly "save as". As an analogy, consider trying to save as a PDF from a word processor. You can do it, but PDF is not the native format for the word processor, so it never becomes the case that a simple "save" will actually save in that format. Save will always save in one of the native formats for any application. And for MuseScore, that is mscz/mscx.

On the other hand, just as many word processing buttons have a PDF export button right on the toolbar that makes it possible to save as PDF in one click, even though you would still have to save your document itself in the native format, there is probably no reason a similar button couldn't be added to MuseScore - but for MIDI instead of PDF (actually, it would be nice for PDF too). And I suspect it would be possible to program up a plugin to do that already. Since what you are discussing is kind of special purpose thing - most people aren't using MuseScore in a way that makes what you describe necessary - that is probably the best answer right there.

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"A plugin to save directly from MIDI from the menu is possible indeed. There is a curScore.save function available in the plugin framework. Unfortunatly, the path of the file is not available, so it will be hard to override the file."

I will take a look at it 1000 Thanks!

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Wow. Thanks for this explaining answer!
So when I load a midi & save it later as a midi it won't be the same anymore? Notelenghts changing, maybe? Quantisations? That would indeed prevent me from using it as a Noteeditor from within Reaper. But anyway that's important questions for me, I should take a deeper look at that!

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Yes, exactly, that sort of thing. I mean, in some simple cases, you might get lucky and get the same thing back, but in general, no, you won"t. MuseScore is not first and foremost a MIDI editor - it is a notation editor. So some subtleties of MIDI file will be lost on conversion to notation, and likewise, some subtleties of notation will be lost on conversion to MIDI.

Regarding plugins - to be more clear, we are talking about programming your own. The "framework" is what allows one to do this, but if you've never programmed before, that's probably not an optipn. Someone else reading this might be inspired to give it a shot, though.

I know I had started to write one to save to PDF, but the fact that you couldn't get the current pathname kind of put me off the idea. But still, one could prompt for a location the first time you run the plugin and thenn remember it for the rest of the session, which might be better than nothing. Still, I think you'll find the basic incompatibility between notation and MIDI to be a bigger hurdle here.

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