Soprano Saxophone Issue (Couldn't find it online so I made my own post)

• Aug 8, 2016 - 22:49

Every time the Soprano Saxophone is chosen and plays a C or an alternate to it, including enharmonics, it will produce the note but with a clicking noise added to it.

I have attached a .mscz with a soprano sax part and and will post a link to a google drive file with an mp3 just in case its only I am problem I am having!


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I've checked the default soundfont and this issue is not present there.

From listening to your MP3 I think that maybe you have your sound level a little too high and it is causing the sound system to overload, causing the click.

If you open your Synthesiser Window (on the View menu) you can adjust the output level, and also check to see how far into the red the level is going.


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Thank you for your response, will check it. I had to reset my computer since it started running into issues. I am hoping once I install Musescore again the problem may be fixed. I rarely mess with the sound setting on the programs synthesizer but may have on accident. Again, thank you very much!

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Then turn down the synthesizer volume a bit. Could be your sound hardware distorts at sound levels that other hardware is able to handle. Also be sure you haven't turned up the volume for that instrument too high in the Mixer.

If you continue to have problems, please attach the score you are having trouble with, and upload the MP3 file somewhere and include a link here so we can hear what you are hearing.

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The .mscz wont do justice, but its for visual purposes, those are the only notes the soprano clicks, it just feels weird that it is only those notes out of all the ones it could click.

Here is the link to a share google drive mp3:…

That should help with audio and the program still does it after setting the synth. volume as lowest I can go before it goes mute.

PS: The clarinets make this sound, but only with notes after the D two ledger lines above the staff.

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