Continue notes in bass clef's group

• Aug 16, 2011 - 12:45

How to continue notes in bass-key group(see attach).
Ctrl + Shift + Key Down works, but the notes are remaining in treble clef's group.

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I'm not sure what you mean. Are you wanting the middle C's to remain in the treble clef? If so, I think you'd need to enter those into a diffeent voice.

Clicking notes above the G (above middle C) will put them into the teble clef. You can enter them as lower notes in the bass clef and move them up to where you want with the up-arrow keys. Or you can drop a treble clef in the bass clef so the notes don't have so many ledger lines, making them easier to read.

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Oh yeah, forget what I wrote. i think I was completely misunderstading the purpose of the example. I thought the goal was to create cross staff notation, which is possible but can be tricky (see the handbook). But now I'm thinking the probelm is much simpler - how to enter high notes in the bass clef. It's true that if you use mouse note entry, this too is tricky - you would have to enter then lower then drag them up. This is actually but one of the many reasons why keyboard entry is much more efficient simply typing the note letter names would produce the correct notes right off the bat. But it's also true that switching to treble clef in the bottom staff is often preferable for readability.

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