Playable Guitar Chords?

• Aug 20, 2011 - 21:21

Two questions:

1. Is there a possibility that when you name a guitar chord, that MuseScore will play it back to you (in various guitar rhythms?) instead of inputting the chord in yourself?

2. Is there a way to realistically imitate a guitar strum in MuseScore?


The whole subject of automatic accompaniment is kind of a big topic, and while someday MuseScore might tackle it, I am not aware of any current plans. There are plenty of other programs that do this sort of thibg and do it well that you might want to look into - band in a box being the most famous, but also impro-visor, which is free / open source.

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Band in a Box is a great programme. Is it not possible for Musescore to use, by agreement with Band in a Box, the algorithms for guitar strumming? I see the lack of mapping guitar strums to chords as a big hole in an otherwise remarkable programme. It is simply too complicated to input six notes for each chord as an arpeggio to simulate strumming.

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It's unlikely BIAB would agree to give their algorithms for free to an open source program that by definition shares these with the rest of the world. There are other algorithms out there that are open source - see for example Improv-Visor. It's not inconceivable that at some point in the future we might work to integrate these into MsueScore, but it would be a large effort, and right now the focus of MuseScore remains on notation, not playback.

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