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• Aug 25, 2016 - 13:04

Hi, I'm frequently writing for string orchestra or other string variants. What I'm looking for is a way to group instruments in the mixer! More specified - have only one channel for each string section. Is there a way to do this? Could this be a future feature?

The main reason I'd like to do this is because the mixer gets "cluttered" and overcrowded really fast since all string instruments for some reason comes with three mixer channels each. Makes it really messy. And also - I think the design of the mixer could do with a re-design which is more minimalized, so you wouldn't need to scroll up and down between all the instruments (and then always accidentally scroll over some of the parameters messing up everything...), or maybe a collapse and expand button.

I know musescore isn't a audio editing tool, but when the feature is there, it would be nice to make the best out of it!

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No way currewntly. Improvements to mixer organization have been discussed several timnes, some good ideas but nothing really concrete has come of it yet. Feel free to search the forum for previous discussions and add your feedback to existing proposals, or use them as the basis for your own.

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Ok, I searched up and read a couple of other threads, but didn't go through the whole forum history. I saw your answer to another thread about some similar things back in December 2015, and I think I've seen your answer to a couple of other threads as well, so I guess you're quite in to MuseScore.

As you stated in your post from 2015 MuseScore is first and foremost a musical notation software, I agree to that. But it has expanded, and with the mixer and such can be used as a composer tool as well. For my part, and I guess a lot of other users as well, which does not have a perfect orchestra inside their mind, and is not very good at playing piano, it is an exceptional help in getting the program to play back what I've written, to get a good impression of whether or not I've actually managed to write down what I had in my mind. And then being able to easily i.e. adjust the volume of the viola to highlight and hear how their melody line works together with the rest of the piece is a very, very nice feature in my opinion.

So, I don't want any new feature or anything, and I am able to do what I want today, I just think it would be really nice if it could be done a little bit quicker and more neatly by adding some adjustments to the interface :)

My next question is then - if this is to be changed, do you know who would I try to come in touch with, where do I post my suggestions and so on? I'm not a developer, and I'm not very skilled at computer drawing, but I could probably come up with some suggestions to how I would like it to look like and interact and work!

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