playback problem

• Aug 24, 2011 - 11:15

I have a very strange problem. My system (iMac/10.6.8) was playing back my score just fine. Now, it either doesn't play at all or I get a speaker-blowing SQUONK noise when i start the piece. I have tried everything imaginable, including re-installing a fresh copy of Musescore, to no avail. I moved a copy of my piece over to my old Mac, and it plays fine! I'm using the TimGM6 soundfont that came with the program, and it is set up properly in the synthesizer section. Regular iTunes music and everything else plays normally on this computer. Has anyone else had this happen or knows what happened?


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Yes, all my scores and the Mussorgsky that is included with MS all act the same way. I have searched in forums and found the method for resetting or returning to factory defaults (using the terminal program on my Mac). Here's the odd- when the reset occurs, it automatically opens MS and my scores play as normal. But when I close my terminal program, it also closes MuseScore. When I restart MS, I'm right back to my original problem, as if nothing had been reset. What do you think?

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