How to work with connected notes

• Aug 24, 2011 - 21:31

I'm not a musician, so I don't know what it's called. When you have fast notes, they are often connected with a line, sort of like my "awesome" example below. Hope you get what I mean :p

 |  |
O  O

I'm trying to copy some sheet music into MuseScore so I can play it back and learn how to sing it. My problem is I can't figure out to deal with those kinds of notes. Some are connected two and two, some are four and four. Some have one line connecting, and others have two. Some even has one line connecting and tiny bump on for example the second of them.

To me it seems like MuseScore creates these almost randomly. Sometimes it doesn't connect anyone, other times I get four notes connected. What's the secret here? What am I missing? What do those lines mean? Are they not just two "quick" notes connected, or is there more to them than that?


They are called eighth notes, in US english at least. Quavers in British english. See the section in the Handbook on Note Entry fo info on how to enter notes in MuseScore. But I do suspect some sort of book on the basics of reading music would be something you'd want to check out before getting too far. The questions you are asking really have nothing to do with with MuseScore per se, but are fundamental aspects of music notation.

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Could you be more specific? What problem? Did you mean to post in other thread? If you are asking how to control the beaming of eighth notes, it is not a "problem" at all - MuseScore follows standard musical rules here. But if you want to do somethi g other than the default for some special reason, see Beam in the handbook.

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