Is anyone able to fix this file?

• Sep 4, 2016 - 14:49

This was created though xml from a Sibelius score and shows the following error :
" XML read error at line 216 column 34: ". Even though I could edit the xml and save the MS score, this problem means I can't re-open the file, nor post it.

Many thanks.

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I extracted the uncompressed MuseScore file and opened it with BlueFish editor. There were errors in a couple of places where ampersands were handled incorrectly (it said cornets 1 & 2 but the letters amp; should be placed after the ampersand in such files).

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Thanks to both of you "underquark" and "jojo". If I understand, where an ampersand is used (&) then "amp" should follow immediately after the sign, otherwise the word "and" should be used?

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Well, "&" is e perfectly legal thing to use, but internally needs gets encoded as "&" and this under some circumstanced doesn't work properly and ends up as a plain "&" inside the score file, which then fails miserabls when decoding it on opening the score.
Seems your Sibelius-XML Import triggered that bug once again.

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