Unknown Symbol

• Sep 5, 2016 - 02:08

What are the symbols above the D and the Db? This is from a guitar chart. I've gone through the symbols palette.

Guitar Symbol.jpg


If this is treble clef then from my understanding this means you would bend the string starting at position C, but don't pluck or strike the string until you've bent to the where D is (whole-tone bend). Strike it at D, and since it's followed by a bend from D to D-flat that means you'd strike a D-flat on your way down the bend (since it also has a bend mark), and then strike the C afterward. The original C in parenthesis isn't heard, it just marks the position from where to start the bend.

To double check, and for more information, this also may help you: http://www.frankgambale.com/guitar_notation_legend.pdf

Rock on.

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