Herbie9 A mis-posted forum question

• Sep 12, 2016 - 13:47

Herbie9 wrote the following post as a reply to my question about cadenzas.........perhaps no one will see Herbie's post within that post. I am trying to correctly post Herbie's question for him.

Thank you.

Herbie 9 wrote:
I need to write in the staff some chords in notes, but what I have so far are
the chords in letters. I need to see in a staff
these chords written in notes: E-6 E-9 G#o7 F#Ø Dm9 BØ
Can somebody help me with this? It´s very important. Thanks


Below a little example (hopfully nothing missed;).

Be aware you can change the order of the notes from a chord (Inversions), notate some of the notes from the chord in the bass clef and so on.

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