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• Sep 14, 2016 - 09:07

This isn't a big deal at all, yet I wonder if it was intentional to have the custom velocity levels not be taken into consideration when one selects a note with the mouse. For instance, if I have a note with velocity 127 and I select that note with the mouse, there is a preview sound of the note, yet it doesn't take into account the 127 velocity when doing so. This really doesn't matter for most intensive purposes, but someone could possibly find it useful, especially if there were very important timbre shifts within different velocities, to have the note-preview via clicking be indicative of any user-defined velocity information.


I comment back on this for the heck of it.
WIsh I had've gotten into MS's code a lot earlier...
Literally a one liner gives the ability to get the preview of the score's dynamism related to a note while previewing during score traversal. I've got this now in custom building along with playing the entire instrument back no matter which voice or staff and showing the entire instrument on the keyboard. It's a nice little addition.

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@worldwideweary > Literally a one liner [code edit] gives the ability to get the preview of the score's dynamism related to a note while previewing during score traversal.

Great to hear!

I really look forward an option (perhaps enabled by a MuseScore preference) that previews the velocity of a clicked note relative to any dynamics "in play", rather than just previewing the note's pitch. Same for right and left arrow traversing through notes.

I expressed the desire more than two years ago. Velocity preview option would help immensely when customizing nuanced velocities!


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Yeah, a simple advanced preferences boolean option would make sense. I have it as an option within a custom panel of options for midi input/keyboard display. Will look into this when the in-house people hopefully release MS4.

I don't experience any slow downs as related to the concerns some posts mentioned within that link you posted, but I'm on a faster machine than I was back in 2016 (when I initially wanted the preview of dynamics), so not sure. As a matter of fact, MuseScore is slower on my machine when I have the inspector on generally speaking compared to with it not showing when traversing (holding down left or right arrows and noticing how it traverses). Not sure why, but that's how it is. Point being, even with previewing the dynamisms formed through the score along with hearing an entire piano of two staves in all voices with customized code, the result is faster when "speed traversing" than without previewing but along with the inspector being open on my machine, and it isn't a slow machine, for what it's worth.

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