Mix of normal & subscript text in chord symbols and text spacing

• Sep 17, 2016 - 11:58

When I'm typing chord symbols in a word processor (eg MS Word) I use subscript to denote the bass note where it isn't the root of the chord. For example, D/F# (with F# subscript - can't type it like that here) denotes a D chord with F# in the bass. I've tried to do this with chord symbol text in Musescore, but it appears you can't mix text type within a string. I select the F#, chose subscript, the F# appears as subscript, but when I click away or hit Esc to exit edit mode it reverts to normal text.

Also, when I type a chord symbol such as "Dbmaj7" it always extends the spacing between characters, and appears as "D b maj7". Is there any way to stop this?

Many thanks



In MuseScore, the formatting of chord symbols is not something you mess with chord by chord, it is handled consistently and automatically by the "style" you chosoe for chord symbols (Style / General / Chord Symbols). the default style does not superscript or subscript, but the Jazz style does.

Not sure what you mean about space appearing in Dbmaj7 - that shouldn't happen. Best to attach the score you are having trouble with and tell us exactly how to reproduce the problem. Also be sure to say what OS you are on, and what version of MuseScore.

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