Variable Pedal Marks

• Sep 14, 2011 - 23:54

If variable pedal marks could be added that would be great!


I have never seen the line-slant-line.
But a pedal section would be great. Some sound effects should be added to musescore, such as pedal, (and in the section, options should be given for which pedal is wanted [una corda, sustain] and ritardandos, crescendos, and diminuendos/decrescendos should be added to the sound effects on playback. For those last three, the user could use a system to enter the speed of the ritardando, or crescendo or diminuendo.

Thanks to all musescore programmers, even though it seems like we're all bashing you with ideas, I'm sure that everyone is thankful to you guys. I could never write a program like that; I can't program at all.


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