Plunger Mute for Trumpet

• Sep 25, 2016 - 06:34

Hello, is there ANYONE that knows of a Plunger Mute soundfont that they could link me to? I have a very important project that requires a Plunger Mute soundfont for the Trumpet, and I've been looking everywhere day and night on Google to try and find one. I haven't had ANY luck. If there is anyone that can help me get a Plunger Mute soundfont, it would be beyond appreciated. Thank you for reading.

> Arsen Nalbandian


In reply to by Shoichi

Well here's the thing, I need to find a soundfont that has the Plunger Mute. The default Musescore soundfonts don't have a Plunger Mute, all it has is a Harmon Mute. Once I download the Plunger Mute soundfont, I have to insert it into the 'sounds' folder for Musescore. Once I've done that, I just head to the synthesizer, add it, then head to the mixer and change it under the mute-Trumpet part. What I need is the soundfont file for the Plunger Mute, then I'm set.

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