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• Sep 18, 2011 - 05:33

How can I create less space between guitar chord names and the staff that they are above? Right now, they sit pretty much evenly between the music staves. I prefer the names to be closer to the staff that they go with.

I tried looking under Edit General Style, but there didn't seem to be place for it.



It's under style->edit text style->chordname. Btw, I'm not sure whoch template you are using, or if you are using a template at all, but with the Jazz Lead Sheet template at the default settings, chord names should be nowhere near half way between staves. They are perhaps a little higher than necessary for some charts, bur only just barelt high enough to ckear a high C.

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I tried going to style--edit text style----chordname and fussing with all the numbers and nothing shifted at all! What am I doing wrong?

However, I did accidentally discover that I can just select each chord name individually and move them down closer to the staff. Tedious, but it worked. However, with this method, it's hard to make them look all the same.

Any more suggestions?

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Right, for chords already entered you have to reload. The style setting should affected newly-entered chords as you enter them, though. So if you get the setting the way you like it and save a customized version to use as a template in the future, things should work fine out of the box.

Does anyone know if there is a copyright symbol that I can add? I'm surprised that it's not added automatically when you use the template. . . . .

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When you enter the "(c)" ij the copyright line within the new score wizard, it doesn't automatically turn into the copyright symbol in the geneated score. I'm pretty sure a bug had been filed against this a while back. However, if you then double click the coyright line in the score itself, remove the space after the "(c)" and then retype the space, then the symbol changes automatically.

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