Trouble with ALT+3

• Oct 1, 2016 - 06:16

When using ALT+3 to enter a note a third above the current note I get this odd behavior :

ALT+[1..4] : A pop up box appears with the message "The key sequence 'Alt+3' is ambiguous. Use 'Configure Shortcuts' from the 'Settings' menu to solve the ambiguity. No action will be triggered."

ALT+[5..8] : Generates the correct interval

When I access Edit->Preferences->Shortcuts and sort on Shortcut, no duplicate entries appear for ALT-[1..9].

What's going on?

System Fedora Linux 24
Musescore 2.0.3

Thanks - jon


Which Window Manager do you use (KDE, XFCE, Gnome or other)? Try to use a different Window Manger, maybe it's a behavior of your actual WM.

Regardless of the exact key sequence, that's a Linux message so there must be a config file somewhere defining Alt+3 etc. and either conflicting with another or having a duplicate file or something. What happens when you go to the Settings Menu (System Settings, not MuseScore)?

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Start->System Settings->Shortcuts shows lots of shortcuts, but no conflicts either with itself or with musescore. There may be some issues with the keyboard, which is non-standard (Unicomp UNI0P4A, very nice touch but some oddities with the computer connection).

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