Page direction of Handbook translation

• Oct 2, 2016 - 10:42
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S5 - Suggestion

I wonder if the web page of Handbook can be RTL, it is directed left to right.

Also, I see the Arabic translation marked (outdated),…

Should I resume translation? or perhaps wait until source updated?
Please recommend.


When the Arabic translation is marked as outdated, it means that the English version has seen some significant changes ever since the Arabic translation was updated 'last time'. Getting rid of this message works by unchecking the "This translation needs to be updated" under the Edit tab.

Great point about the handbook content not being R2L. I wonder how this issue slipped under our radar for so long. I will check some time next week.


I am still waiting for the Arabic Handbook page to be set to RTL.
I hope this can be done soon so I resume translation.
All the best.

Hi Hatim, thank you for coming back to me on this as I didn't share a status update on this yet. We are currently developing a complete new site for which will not only be responsive to make it readable on any type of device, but also come with complete R2L support.

Our plan is to start testing the new site in the 2nd half of March so I'll come back to you then with an update. You can read which other improvements we intend for the site:

Thank you for your patience.