Waltz No. 1: "A Heart's Rapture" (My first attempt at using Musescore)

• Oct 19, 2011 - 20:53

Hey everyone,

This is my first piece i've made using Musescore, please let me know what you think of it and what could be improved?
Also, I am thinking of taking up the violin in addition to piano, any Violinists who can offer some advice for a beginner?


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In terms of sentence structure and accompaniment, I think this piece should be 6/8.
By style: like medieval middle-European folk melodies.

It's the job of someone who knows music: Playing melody between different instruments (and especially in the left hand of the piano). Besides, nuance-signs (dynamics, crescendo, etc.).

A good job.

Perhaps a try with old instruments like Lute, Harpsichord instead of piano could give different results.

In places where I listen, I wanted to hear instruments like Baroque Flute, Oboe, Fr. horn.
Maybe this piece can play a slightly larger orchestra (Like Chamber music).

Ziya's comments of three years ago are right on point, but this piece was posted eight years ago, and the poster has nothing else posted, and may not even be a current user.

This entire sub-forum, "Works made with MuseScore" is nothing but an obsolete road sign to a road that no longer exists, and should be shut down; it does nothing but confuse posters (including me when I first came here), and is an impediment to finding the "right place" on .com, and commenters who have no idea if the OP is still around.

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