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• Oct 20, 2011 - 18:10

I have been using the "Splendid Piano" sound font, but I received a recent suggestion to try out the West Coast Piano sound font for comparison. The SP sound font is stereo, the WCP is mono. Both of these sound fonts are free. I've put together a comparison between the two at these links:

I interested in hearing from anyone who has other suggestions for a nice piano sound font.


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Go into MuseScore and open your synthesizer. > Display > Synthesizer. The synth panel will open up. At the bottom there's a window for "Sound Font." Click on the box to the right and your computer files will be available. Click on the sound font from your files that you want to use and then press "open." The sound font will then be in your software.

Is that what you're trying to do?

If not, sorry. hahaha.

For me, a good runner-up to the Splendid Piano font is the (stereo) WST25 font. The SP font has some built-in reverb that WST25 doesn't have, but otherwise WST25 sounds pretty good. Here is Seattle with the WST25 font:

Because WST25 lacks reverb, the score should have been adjusted slightly to sustain in a few places for WST25 ...

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Although WST25 is usually a good alternative to the Splendid Piano font, it sometimes just doesn't work out. In another post, I showed the audio model of "The Crave" with the SP font. It turns out that WST25 has great difficulty with the second statement of the opening strain, which is located at 0:33 to 1:00 of the audio. To use WST25 for "The Crave" would require quite a bit of fiddling with this problem strain. On the other hand, SP (probably because of its reverb) sounds acceptable without having to do additional work. Below are the links to the SP and WST versions of this tune.

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