UI font size

• Oct 7, 2016 - 20:56

Still not able to use MuseScore2, because the application font size option that was in the previous version has been removed. The default font size is too small for me on an HD monitor. I don't really want to change my system font every time I want to use MuseScore, and it doesn't affect all the fonts in the program anyway. Apparently there has been quite a bit of discussion about this, and hopefully the fonts size option will be reinstated in the next revision. So for now, I have to use version 1.3.


In the past when you've brought this up, we've asked you to provide screenshots illustrating the problem you are perceiving. We still need these. As I've explained, MuseScore *should* be using the exact same font sizes as every other application on your system. If you are seeing something else, then something is probably wrong on your system, and we can try to help you fix it. if on the other hand MuseScore's font size is the same as all other applications, the solution is simple: you need to change the system font size, so *all* applications will get the size you desire.

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