• Nov 11, 2011 - 23:22

does anyone know if there is a way to add a cadenza part in muse score?


What specifically would you be looking for? Muisc without barlines? A section of a score where the other staves are not dispalyed because they are empty? Somethi else?

(1) Count the notes to be played in the Cadenza.
(2) From the create menu choose time signature. Create a new Time Signature where the top number is the number of notes to be played (in my case that is 17) and the lower number is 16; new Time Signature is 17/16.
(3) Drag the new signature – from the create box – to the appropriate bar and enter your notation in usual way (in my case 17 consecutive sixteenth notes/semiquavers)
(4) Select the bar and and from the palette choose Beam Properties option two.
(5) All 17 notes are now beamed together. Select the Beam and click x to reverse the beam if required.
(6) Select the newly created time signature (17/16) right click and select cut!
(7) In the next bar enter the original time signature of the piece and continue with the score. Delete the newly entered time signature if you choose.
(8) Select the first note of the cadenza and choose text from the create menu; in the box type Cadenza and presto you get a cadenza which looks and prints perfect.
Works for me hope this helps others…

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