Tuple can't cross barline

• Oct 8, 2016 - 20:13

For an example of the problem I'm having under particular circumstances, if I want to have 24 notes within a 4/4 time, logically I want the notes to be between 16th and 32nd notes, so I need a tuples setup. I can do this broken down into four sets of 6-tuples of 16th notes. This works just fine, and musescore allows me to copy and paste them into new measures as I please. This isn't what I want though: I want one complete passage of 24 notes, and Musescore allows me to do this by using a custom tuple setup: 24/16 upon a 4/4 whole rest gives me a 24 tuple with 24 16-notes.
It works, it looks fine and plays fine, but when I have this complex tuple I no longer can copy it and paste it into another measure: it says tuplet cannot cross barlines, yet it wouldn't cross the barline if it worked properly. I realize as mentioned I can use four sets of 6-tuples and copy/past functionality works, and it makes sense to do this to have pulses within the 24-note phrase, but if that's not what I want for a solution, what can I do? Is this an error that will be fixed in future versions?


Interestingly enough, this works fine with having 4/3 as a ratio, but 12/8 and 6/4 fail as well (which is consistent as its the same time-division as 24/16).

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