are the following features possible?

• Oct 25, 2016 - 21:03

is it possible to change multiple note duration? both horizontal and vertical. I used to do it in Sibelius.
For ex. I have a section that plays the same note duration and want to change all the instruments at once. (vertical)
ex2. a phrase written in 1/4 and I want the notes to be 1/16 with silence (horizontal).

And: Multiple measure selection, then scroll with mouse and continue selection. when I scroll with the mouse it cancels the selection even though the shift is still pressed.

thank you!

great software!


The first is not currently possible; you'd have to change durations one at a time.

The second is definitely easy. When you say you are using the mouse, I guess you mean you are trying to scroll by dragging the score. Don't do that :-). Instead, use the scroll wheel (or equivalent touch gesture), or the Navigator, or keyboard navigation (eg, extending a selection via Shift+right, or the home/end/pageup/pagedown keys in conjunction with Shfit and/or Ctrl, etc - standard shortcuts for navigation and selection).

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We developers read these forums, it's one way to make requests. But it seems to me this would be a fairly unusual case - a selection of one note across lots of staves. The more common use case we get requests for is a lot of notes in one staff - eg, to double of halve all the note values. This comes up pretty often in real world usage; not sure your particular case would. But it seems to me that one solution could work for both.

As for arco etc, yes, see the Handbook:

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