Chord symbols (accordion): a bass tone and a chord simultaneously

• Oct 25, 2016 - 21:24

Hello all,

I would like to wrtie some music for piano accordion (Stradella Bass).

Is it possible to have two accord symbols simultaneously and above each other.
As in the attached example: a G bass tone and a G major chord (lowercase!) at the same time.

How could I write this as one chord symbol? The bass tone as one voice and the chord as a second is a bad idea, because I will never have differences in the durations ...

Thanks for your help in advance!!!

Greetinx potrebitel


A workaround is to use the Figured Bass feature (Ctrl +G) for entering the "bass tone and chords" the one above each other.
- Then, right-click on one symbol -> Select -> All similar elements in same staff
- In Inspector, change the Text Style (ie Figured Bass to Chord symbol)
- Finally, change the vertical offset in Inspector always.

(and .mscz file): Ac FB.mscz

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