Multi bar error in parts

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Situation in score (time sig 2/4) is:-
double line repeat - single beat bar - 7 normal 2 beat rest bars - single beat bar with 1st time volta - double line repeat - single beat bar with 2nd time volta

after part extraction get :-

double line repeat - multiple bar rest of 8 - double line repeat - 2 beat bar with second time volta
the 1st time volta is now way before the first of the repeats. I know how to move it but I can't get the 7 multi bar rest followed by the single beat bar where I would want to move it to

1. This would appear to be a bug which needs attention
2. How can I edit to correct it; every thing I've tried just repeats the fault

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I've got what I think is the same problem. Here is an extract from my score - a wind octet (by Rosetti if you are interested!).


Notice the 2 horn parts have an upbeat quaver rest followed by 6 bars rest after the double bar. In the extracted horn parts, this comes out as 7 bars rest, with no upbeat quaver, following the repeat double bar.

As Howard says, there seems to be no way of correcting this, because (as far as I can see) you cannot edit the extracted part without changing the score as well.

All the other parts play in the first full bar after the double bar, and extract correctly.

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You responded to an almost 6 years old post, back in the day with a much older version of MuseScore (must have been 1.1 or even older). That version didn't even have linked parts!
(Still, the poor OP never got a reply, not good)

Anyway, the issue here is that you a) didn't exclude that measure from measure count, as it is usually done with pickup measures and/or b) didn't mark as to break multi measure rests. Both can be done in the measure properties dialog, see
You'd need to do either of this in the main score and generate the part(s) again, or repeat the action in the part(s) too (here you'd need to temporaily disable multi meastre rests, M is the toogle)

Still the score isn't really correct, the 1st section is lacking an 8th on the first time through the repeat.

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Thanks to you and the others for such a quick and comprehensive response - I really appreciate that! My faith in Musescore is restored!

Excluding the short one quaver (eighth) 'bar' from the bar count as suggested has solved the horn part problem.

The apparent error in the first section of the score is because this is only an extract from the full score. There is an upbeat quaver i.e. another short bar, at the very start of the piece, which is why the repeat barline has to appear to be in the middle of the bar (I know that's not how Musescore looks at it, but I hope you see what I mean!)

Thanks again for such great support

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