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• Mar 27, 2009 - 18:04

Attached is a screen shot of extra beats in a bar.
This happens quite often, and seems to be an artifact of copying into that bar. A phrase is copies, and a part of the time is altered, and we get this result.

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Copying an pasting tied notes can cause "artifacts" such as these in version 0.9.4 or the prereleases. Perhaps this is the cause of your issue. If not please post the steps to reproduce the problem.

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This seems to be what is happening. An aspect of this is, IF I am able to repair the bar(s), removing the extra rests that then appear, the score often crashes, requiring it to be re-loaded. IF the artifact removal stays true, I seem to be able to continue with out the crash happening again.

The method I use as a workaround, often, is to re-copy the phrase to another, blank part of the score, then remove the altered bars and then re-copy the phrase again. Not an elegant solution, but often much faster than re-entering the affected phrase.

Is there a solution to this bug, and is it being implemented?


I used to often have this problem. I have not had the problem since adopting the following strategy. Copy in whole source measures to empty destination measures, with no ties to the prior or succeeding measure, whenever possible. If you do copy part of a measure, fix the destination measure so that it has a rest of the correct duration at the right place, then paste. Re-create ties and slurs after pasting. Don't have multiple parts with overlapping notes of diffferent durations on the same stave. I don't know which of these strategies is necessary, and I realize that it is somewhat restrictive, but the combination seems to work for the simple pieces I do.

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