proposal for easy "editing" capability

• Dec 1, 2011 - 03:33

I have been following some of the discussions on the note entry method used in musescore.
It seems to become a principal discussion in most of the cases! why not instead use our creativity :-) to suggest workable solutions!

I am very well accustomed to the note entry method in musescore, but there are some situations that i would like to have better "editing" capabilities (and yes, musescore's method works against me sometimes). For example: when i have entered a dotted eight note, followed by a sixteenth, i sometimes would like to "swap" them. Making it more generic: i would like to have the option "swap-with-next-note" and "swap-with-previous-note" (whereby the total time stays the same, not?). This method can give quite strong editing possibilities, and could be a very acceptable solution to all the people that keep demanding a "insert notes" feature.

Ofcourse, i could have misread the manual and overlooked that there is a way to do this in musescore, but....i could not find it.

Please let me hear your suggestions on this issue.


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