Fill-the-page feature

• Oct 27, 2016 - 18:22

I must admit that I miss a bit the fill-the-page option that was available in MS 1.3.


This still exists, it's just much more powerful now. Horizontal fill for the last system is handled exactly the same as in 1.3 - a single all-or-nothing threshold. But vertical fill is now more flexcible. Instead of being limited to one single all-or-nothing threshold - system distance is either stretched to fill the whole page or not at all - you can now specify the maximum system distance. Specifying a ridiculously high value for the max - like, say, 100sp - will basically result in pages being filled completely in all cases. Specifying a value that is the same as the minimum will result in no fill. But other values will allow you achieve a partial fill, where systems might not fill the entire page but are given a little more room.

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