Transposition not sounding

• Oct 30, 2016 - 01:04

I'm not sure if this is technically in the right section, but I find that when I play a melody - for example - with Clarinets in B flat, the sound doesn't transpose down. When it plays a C on the music it should sound like a B flat but for me it still sounds like a C. Am I doing something wrong or is this just how transposing instruments work on the playback?


You should post your score here (as an attachment to your next reply). There are several scenarios one can think of from the trivial to the complicated.

Or else I would try and look at the staff properties: Right click on the instrument name in front of the staff and choose "staff properties": You get the staff properties window. At the very bottom is a section about transposition. Check if it says it will transpose the way you need it. Most likely there is something wrong there.

That said: If you set up the score exactly as the handbook tells you to I don't see a way for this to go wrong.

Assuming you actually creating the score for Bb clarinet and didn't simply change the playback to clarinet from a staff in concert pitch, this should indeed work. So my best guess is that you are in Concert Pitch mode, which does what it says. If you want to enter notes at written pitch, be sure to turn concert pitch *off* before entering notes - see the button at far right of the toolbar. It actually default to off, but you may have turned it on inadvertently.

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