Request: Remove Notes for 2 note chords

• Dec 3, 2011 - 15:37

Would anyone be kind enough to rewrite the existing Remove Notes plugin for 2 note chords?

It would be so useful for when you import MIDI files which are in 4 part harmony over two staves so that it could be edited easily to have 2 voices per stave as suggested here:

Many thanks in advance for anyone willing to do this. It would be much appreciated.




(edit - I accidentally replied to a totally unrelated thread, so here's a real reply as long as I'm here)

Seems like a plugin that was dedicated the this task specifically would be a good thing. To convert between the various forms of four voice music - four voices in a single staff, four sepaate staves, and two saves of two voices each. I think my implode/explode plugin would probably make a good starting point for such a thing.

Just to add that I tried to use the 'remove notes' option with little success.

I also didd'nt know what implode/explode plugin did.

Since I installed implode/explode its REALLY made a huge difference to me :)

I would be happy to see it in the main distro as I find it indispensable.

So... Thanks a lot for the Plugin !!
A Eureka moment when I used it for the first time :)
SO handy when you score for large ensembles/sections of instruments.

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