Playback doesn't start at the clicked location

• Dec 3, 2011 - 20:58

I find that MS will often start playing - when I hit Space - from a location other than where the note I've just clicked.

Here is a screen capture that demonstrates an instance where this situation occurs: Although I clicked in measure 25 and then pressed Space, playback starts from measure 49.

Might not be a bug (although seems to me like it is)... As I understand it, if you click a note and then hit Space, playback should start from that note, rather than from some other (random!) point in the document, as is the case in the capture.

Thanks :)


Nothing was attached, but this should be mostly fixed in the upcoming 1.2, and even in 1.1. It is usually only evident in scores with repeats. The quick solution is to turn off playback with repeats (the repeat button in the toolbar)

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What version are you using?

With this bug, if you count the bars from the beginning to the repeat, playback starts that many bars past the repeat. I found that if you click the note and it makes a sound when selected, the bug doesn't show as easily.

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