musescore no sound in ubuntu 16.10

• Oct 31, 2016 - 15:56

I upgraded to Ubuntu 16.10 recently. Since then, Musescore 2.03 is working correctly except that it produces non sound during playback.

I have Alsa set up (the default Ubuntu 16.10 config), and Alsa audio is selected as I/O device in the "preferences I/O".

Any suggestion ?




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Hey, it worked! The "Reset to factory settings" did the job. Thanks.

AFter the reset,the I/O channel in Edit/Preferences was on "Pulseaudio", and I ha dirty sound, with lots of additional screetching noises. I then tried selecting "Alsa", without changing any other parameters, and had the nce sound I was used to.

Great! and thank again

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Actually, I had a look to other set of post on this topic, and find out that some trouble may appear due to musescore.ini file (in .config/MusE/).
Deleting this file and coming back to the initial setting of musescore with pulseaudio rather than ALSA works fine also.

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