Making multiple selections (across rows) for both staves

• Dec 4, 2011 - 22:34

Is it possible to make non-contiguous selections in piano sheets, i.e. select measures on both staves that are not adjacent?
More simply, is it possible to make a selection that breaks across rows? Right now if I want to select a few measures that break across rows, I have to select those on the first row for the left hand, copy and paste then, and then separately those on the second row for the left hand - and then repeat everything for the right hand.

If YES: Could someone please tell me how this is done?
If NO: Would it be possible to mark this as a suggestion?

Many thanks in advance!


I'm confused - your two questions don't seem to relate. The first question, is about selecting measures that are *not* adjacent. The second is about is about selecting measures that *are* adjacent. The first is not currently possibly, the second is - just click the first measure, shift-click the last. If you want to select just one hand, then your click and shift-click should be on the same staff. If you want to select both staves, then click the RH staff but shift-click the LH staff. Whether the selection happens to break across rows in no way affects how this works.

Hi Marc,

Sorry for the confusion. You are right that they are in fact two separate questions.

I have tried Shift+clicking (since this is how you make selections in any Windows program), however for some reason it did not work. I'll try it again later when I get the chance. Many thanks for your help.

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