Links to good Sound Fonts

• Nov 2, 2016 - 00:07

These are a list of some of the best free sound fonts I have found for the quest for sound fonts -
In this folder you will find:

"Epic Horns" - a solid 'sizzling' french horn section for your dooming soundtrack.

"GeneralUser GS MuseScore v1.442" - this is the S. Christian Collins sound font! the best full sound font I've ever found (orchestral instruments, and synthesizers/SFX)

"Gong&Cymbal" - a great Gong sound for whatever you need a gong for.

"orchestral_strings" - I use this mostly in the lower strings for a nice smooth legato.

"Papelmedia_Trumpet" - If you are looking for a fast attack solo trumpet this isn't what you want, but it has a nice pleasant tone that works well for slow solos.

"STR_Ensemble" - is also good for low smooth strings good for legato sections.

Make sure to check some of these out!
also feel free to share some of the best sound fonts that you have run into!


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