Unwanted reverb from .wav file

• Nov 6, 2016 - 21:44

When I export a Musescore file to .wav I find that the sound has gained a reverb compared to the flat sound when playing the original .mscz file back - it sounds as if it were being performed in a cathedral!.
As I create the .wav sound files to help singers rehearse their parts on their own, this is undesirable.
Any ideas on how this may happen (it is a relatively recent problem, so perhaps I've accidentally changed some setting)?


Hard to say without more info, but my guess is that you made changes to the defaults in View / Synthesizer - either you changed soundfonts or adjusted the effects settings there or both, and that's the sound you've become accustomed to hearing. When you export to audio files, MuseScore reverts to using the defaults unlesss you hit the "Save to Score" button in the synthesizer. So, do that and try the export again.

Maybe you accidentally brought the reverb all the way up on the Mixer?

Also, if you don't save your work before exporting, the wav file will sound like the piece before the last time you saved.

Thanks Marc and McCleffey.
It was the synthesiser settings which were causing the problem - now rectified.
Best regards

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