Tuplet problem

• Nov 9, 2016 - 20:14

I'm trying to get 16 sixteenth notes within a full 3/4 measure, but Musescore isn't letting me, for some reason. I did exactly what the manual told me to do, but it never comes out right! I always get rests left over! Please help!

This question should be simple enough that I don't need to upload a score. If not, well, too bad! I still need help!

Thanks in advance.


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I did exactly what those instructions said. I selected the rest (which, in this case, is a whole rest), went to Notes, then Tuplets, then other, and put 16/4 in there. But instead of the sixteenth notes filling up the entire measure (meaning no rests left over), this is what I get instead. The same thing happens if I change the rest to a dotted half rest before doing that. How do I get rid of the extra rests?

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It's not that complicated to me. You want to put 16 notes in a given time period. You want those notes to be shown as 16th notes, so you use that as a timebase for the relation. In 3/4 time, there would normally fit 12 16ths in 3 beats (4 16ths for each beat, so 3x4=12).
The relation thus becomes 16/12.

You say you wish this would be more clear in a future version; could you explain what would be easiers/more clear in your opinion?

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