A few suggestions

• Nov 12, 2016 - 01:21

A few suggestions that might or might not Help:
-A Mixer Pop up that can pin itself to either the left, right, above, or bottom side of the editing area.
-A Gong sound for the Cymbols section in the Input Note toolbar (Drumset>Input Note>Select Drum Sound)
-Synthesizer balancing for individual Instruments (To Give Base Drums a more Promonent BOOM when struck and to keep headache inducing instruments held notes in check if at a dynamic higher than mp (Although volume could help with that as well))

Those are all the suggestions I have for now, If you have any comments, please add to the discussion :)


Note there is already a Mixer (see the View) menu that you can leave up, and position next to the main window if you wish. I guess the request is to specifically allow it to be docked rather than just allowing it to be floating?

As for gong, that is unfortunately not a General MIDI instrument, so standard soundfonts won't include it. If you want that sound, you can find a soundfont that includes it.

Regarding balancing, I guess you mean *within* a drumset part? That would indeed be nice. Probably it could be done within the drumset editor - same place where you currently customize the *appearance* of each drum note. A simple velocity offset field added to this would likely do the trick.

When you search wind chimes, there are a few different kinds, but they aren't the ones I'm looking for. If you look up bar wind chime instrument, you will see what I need. Is there a chance that could be added?

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