identify note sung (or played) into microphone

• Dec 19, 2011 - 13:12

As far as I know, no other program has this feature, possibly because it would be so hard to implement. That said,

It would be great if you could sing or play into a microphone and MuseScore would identify the pitch. Ideally, real-time notation would be great, but as a first feature what I'd like to be able to do is sing a note, press the number key to set the duration, and then move on to the next note.

I realize it'd be finicky and you'd have to deal with vibrato and such, but there is at least one open source program

that can identify fundamental frequency on spoken text.

I'm a programmer and would be willing to help with this, but my knowledge in this domain is almost entirely theoretical. :-)



Hey Todd, it's indeed a great idea! The best way forward would be to interface with MuseScore over OSC. A similar project has been built during one of the Music Hack Days by Joachim Ganseman: Follow the leader. Check out the explanation how it has been built. You could perhaps use the same tools. The MuseScore trunk contains OSC support so use one of the nightlies.

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That's an amazing idea, the singer needs to make sure they're in tune ;D
But wow, that would be amazing. I know that karaoke video games have stuff like that so that would be cool.
Now here's adding on to that. Musescore cannot pronounce lyrics. What if a singer (I'm not a singer so this might not be a good idea) could record himself on the playback, and every time you played it back, you would hear your voice pronouncing things correctly?

Use . Hate to reply to a necro thread, but just in case someone stumbles upon this and wants the answer, I made a website recently for just that. It uses the sound from your microphone to return note name, octave and pitch in real time. Hope you find it useful!

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