MuseScore hangs after adjusting a note in note-input mode

• Nov 15, 2016 - 10:16

Long time ago that I posted on this Forum. Not that I am no longer interested but after purchasing
“Mastering MuseScore”, I always can find a solution in it when facing a problem.
But now I am facing this problem:
It seems that it is not allowed to fine adjust a note when in the note-input mode.
When I do this (using the “horizontal offset” under “Chords”) and then want to enter the next note,
this is impossible because MuseScore hangs.
No problems are faced when I leave the note-input mode and then do the adjustments.
Is this correct or am I fundamentally doing something wrong?
I am running MuseScore 2.0.3 and my O.S. is PCLinuxOS KDE 64 bit.


Note entry with mouse still works, but with keyboard indeed does not, not without pressing Esc after having changed the Offset. But then it does work.
MuseScore doesn't hang, it just sits there waiting for (further) input for that offset field, which of course is expected to be numeric, not notenames. Esc ends that input mode and puts the input focus back to note entry

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