How to access musescore groups from the main page

• Dec 22, 2011 - 15:11

How do we access the musescore groups from the main page? I can't see a link anywhere. Am I the only one who has just found out this wonderful arena?



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I get email alerts, reminders, promotions and so on from musescore. They all point to These forums are also on is not linked anywhere, yet the two sites are obviously related. The groups are on .com.

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Thanks for the explanation. Indeed, we grew the two websites next to each other and haven't done much cross linking yet. For 2012, we plan to do a redesign of and one of the tasks is to improve the connection between the MuseScore software and the two websites.

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Thanks for this, Thomas.

I'm glad that there are plans to integrate both sites. I had thought for a moment or two that I had gone silly as I didn't recognise the .org and .com issue underpinning my question.

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