Piano keyboard that plays the accompaniment sometimes missing on YouTube

• Nov 21, 2016 - 21:53

I am delighted to be on YouTube thanks to Musescore.com. It is presented so elegantly. Beneath the score is a piano keyboard that plays the accompaniment - great fun! My problem is I have uploaded about 14 scores and the last one, and one a bit before, have come up without the piano. Have I done something wrong?


The piano keyboard will appear only if the score contains a single piano part. Can you link to the scores that didn't work on musescore.com?

Thank you very much for your help! The 2 scores that didn't show the piano keyboard are :
EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW (PART FOUR) 29 and WHEN I SURVEY THE WONDROUS CROSS. These are like all the others, choral works with piano accompaniment which show the piano keyboard.

Many thanks for you comment. I still don't get it, I'm afraid. Both scores without the piano keyboard are identical in format with THE KING OF LOVE MY SHEPHERD IS which has the piano keyboard on YouTube...All my other scores on YouTube whether solos or congregational songs or 4 part choral have the piano.

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"The King of Love..." is not scored the same way as the two pieces which are missing the visible keyboard playback. It is scored ONLY for piano, and you have set the lyrics anchored to one of the voices in one of those two staves. In other words, there is no separate vocal staff as there is in those two other pieces. That separate vocal staff is what is preventing the visible keyboard to appear in the video.

If you want the visible keyboard to show up on those two pieces, you will have to remove the vocal solo staff from the scores, and input the lyrics again.

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