Changing length of "lines"

• Nov 21, 2016 - 22:53

It seems that in my git build I can't use Shift-Right and Shift-Left to change the length of some (most) types of lines (slurs work, trills, pedal marks and fretboard positions won't). Is this

Cheers, Ralf Mattes


When you say this is in your git build, what version are you trying to build? If it's an experimental 3.0 build, which commit specifically (see Help / About)? And are you sure you are double clicking to put the line into edit mode first? Can you attach the score you are having trouble with and precise steps to reproduce the problem?

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This is a build of commit c5f46bb208f27d9179fa0817335d838128979da2

No, I didn't specially double click since up to now I only used slurs where double clicking doesn't seem to be neccessary - it looks as if adding a slur automatically puts the slur into editing mode. Why doesn't the same happen with other lines?

Thank's for the reply, I can live with the extra double click.

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Normally with lines, you shouldn't *need* to edit them - you can simply select the range of notes they apply to, then apply the line from the palette by double clicking it. The line automatically extends to cover the selection. Editing is only necessary if you change your mind, or if for some reason you neglect to select the range first, or if for some reason you use drag & drop rather than double click to add the line. So, this isn't an "extra" double click to enter edit mode; it's only necessary if you choose the "wrong" (less efficient) method of adding the line in the first place.

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Unfortunately it is not currently possible to do everything via keyboard - you need the mouse to add most palette items. A few do have shortcuts, though - see the hints in the Add menu, also the Handbook. If you use the method I described - first select range, then apply line - this minimizes use of the mouse. It isn't needed at all for lines that have shortcuts, and is needed only for the application for the rest. Resizing afterwards is always going to be the most mouse-intensive method, as well as the most work overall.

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