Duplicating chords across multiple instruments in a jazz lead sheet

• Nov 22, 2016 - 18:57

I'm writing a big band song, and I'd like for all the individual parts to have the chords (for soloing).

Is there any easy way to either

(a) add the chords once and have them appear automagically in the right key for all the parts, including the transposed ones; or

(b) copy just the chords from one part to another (again transposing for the Eb/Bb parts)

thanks for any pointers


If I understand : Select the fist Chord, right click, choose "all the same event in the ligne", make CTRL C, and simply paste on the first note of the other ligne, and with english Chords, it's transposed. I put a capture, I'm French, the French Chords don't transpose but the English it's OK, Chords.png

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Also, besides fixing the transposition, choosing the "French" option will allow the "b" in "Sib" to be converted to a flat sign, and other good things will happen in the rendering and also if you export to MusicXML etc. But you will need to edit each of the chord symbols already entered to force them to be re-parsed after changing to the "French" option. No actual change would be needed; just go in to edit mode and leave. So, double click the first, then hit space bar and hold it down until you reach the end of the score. it's possible they will also re-parses themselves if you save/reload, but that might depend on a few things so it might work sometimes but not always.

Thanks for the help with the copying, which works fine.

But I'd still like to be able to just change the lead sheet in one key but create the 3 PDFs automagically. Is that possible?

If not, would that be a plugin that is needed? I'm a programmer so might be able to code it up myself.

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No automatic facility right now. In theory, a plugin might be able to do this, but chances are the plugin framework would somehow not quite be enough to make this possible. Plus, realistically, you normally need to do some adjustment after transposing - some chord symbols may need to be respelled (E instead of Fb) or moved out of the way of notes on ledger lines, etc. So I generally expected to save a copy for each key and spend a few minutes optimizing each.

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