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• Dec 27, 2011 - 12:49

Ive been using nted so far for music and now I wish to convert my nted scores to musescore. And the only working way for me to export out of nted is through midi.

Now when I import midi into musescore there are some issues. The two attachments are the nted original and the musescore version imported from the nted midi.

There are two issues:
1. Voices are lost (in the bass)
2. musescore is choosing 'way-out' notes (double-sharps) rather than naturals

Is there any way of controlling these things?

[Note: I am a programmer and if someone could give me a hand I would not mind trying to look at the code myself]

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1. Voice are lost.
Voices are probably not in the MIDI file. So MuseScore should have some AI to do the voice split. There is not such a thing for the moment.

2. You could try to use Note -> Spell Check to fix this. Not sure if it will work.

Help on improving the MIDI import process is very welcome. The code is in importmidi.cpp and midifile.cpp. You can join us on the IRC channel to discuss details. (#musescore on freenode.net)

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Well I looked at midifile.cpp and right at the end of the file I find a function

int MidiTrack::separateVoices(int /*maxVoices*/)

with most of the body commented out. Is that some kind of 'almost-working' version??

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