How do I get this result?

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Does anyone know how to get as picture, the position of the keys to play on the keyboard to form a chord?

A small example of what I would like to get :…

Is there any software to generate these images?
I would like to be able to put those kind of thumbnails on my scores in MuseScore.

I have found a plugin for MuseScore but I do not like it too much.

Thank you


Some time ago, I put together this little software application for Windows:

It performs a single action -- creates pictures of a keyboard according to the provided settings. The picture is saved as an svg file, that is a "scalable vector graphics" resizable image. The file is actually a text file, so editing it as needed is easy and straightforward. As an example, one could add some "fill" attributes here and there to give emphasis to some keys -- that's exactly what you need, if you consider that MuseScore can import svg image files and insert them in a score at will.

Here area few sample keyboards:

Give it a try, if you like.

View/Piano keyboard (p);
Stamp -> copy on Paint;
Color as you wish;
Cut and paste.
I know, just a little trick, but you've already 'the bare necessities' ;-)

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@ Aldo : Thank you very much, it seems to be very good but is there a version in English?

@ Shoishy : Yes it is not stupid but I did not understand this stage (I am not in English) :/
"Stamp (What is stamp?) -> copy on Paint"

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on the PC keyboard (usually above Return) the Print Screen key, it copies the image to a temporary file.
Ctrl+V allows you to 'paste' it in a graphics program (on Windows Paint Brush, provided as standard, now with 3D features).
sorry if I'm not clear, I do not speak English


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@Aldo: It works really well, thank you! I have to get used to Italian and I still try but I can generate a keyboard and I colorize the keys in another program :)

Thank you Shoichi for these details but it is true that it is not obvious to communicate in English (I do not speak English either).

I do not want to abuse your patience but can you pick up point by point (more detailed) please?

1) Open the piano keyboard (p)
2) ...

Thank you !

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Glad to know that you appreciate my little (free) software and can take advantage from its services. I don't plan to provide any english version, but I just put together an image that I think could help you a bit. Have a look here:

As regards colorizing the keys, I hope you're just adding some fill="#xxxxxx" svg tags here and there. As an example:

<rect id="sol_5" fill="#FF0000" x="960.5" y="0.5" width="30" height="200" rx="3" ry="3" />

Keep in mind that the italian notation is "do re mi fa sol la si", while the English notation is "C D E F G A B". So, <rect id="sol#_1" ... stands for <rect id="G#1" ...

Moreover, keep in mind that id="tasti_bianchi" stands for id="white_keys" and that id="tasti_neri" stands for id="black_keys".

Have a good time!

Thank you very much to you both is perfect. I've got all I need.

Thank you again for your patience and your efforts.

At pleasure

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