Last bar causes program crash

• Jan 7, 2012 - 10:22

Working on a tune imported from .xml format and having big problem with the last bar. I cannot delete it and trying to edit it in any way causes the program to crash and disappear.

I cannot select the bar, add a 2nd time repeat mark to it - or anything else!!

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New Rigged Ship.mscx 25.7 KB


I think you need to attach the original XML file.

As a matter of interest where did the original XML file original??

I have had issues with XML files exported from Finale.

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Thank you so much, had no trouble with this version of the file and thanks for the advice you have given. I also managed to produce a MuseScore file of this tune by loading a midi version. Also just to mention - printing off tune collections (as i am doing at the moment) is great if you save tunes in png format, as you can then easily arrange printing layout using a dtp program. Such is the versatility of MuseScore, its a great tool.

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