Help with creating a new staff/part

• Jan 10, 2012 - 18:28

As part of a plugin Im trying to produce a function that will create a new staff/part and copy all of an existing one to it.
Ive used appendPart but it gives me 2 problems:
1 The staff created has no key signature (well its always C). I can find no way of changing this for a staff or part.
2 The new staff always starts with a full measure and if I try to add from a staff that starts with a partial measure, I loose chords/rests. How can I reduce the duration of the first measure?


Not sure, but you'll find the copying itself isn't likely to work well. Unless you've figured out something I haven't, there is no way to get chord symbols, or text, or other markings, and things like triplets and ties won't recreate corrctly, either.

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Thanks Marc
I love MuseScore and understand that the plugin interface has limitations.
All Im trying to do is preserve a simple staff containing only rests and single note chords.
This is a minor part of a plugin Im writing that will create variuos types of chords from selections.
I envisage the plugin being used more than once on the simple staff and changing it in differing ways in different places.
So I want to keep a copy of the original to be used for optional full or partial restore.
Obviously the user chould do this anyway but I was trying to make it automatic.
Pehaps I will use a text file instead, with 3 plugins: copy, main plugin used morethan once and an optional restore.

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