dynamics text does not apply to new/edited notes

• Jan 12, 2012 - 14:58

MS 1.1 win7

Without any dynamics text, and with note properties velocity type set to auto, I notice that the default velocity is 80. Creating dynamics text of "mp" on the first note of the staff then changes the velocity for all existing notes in that staff to 64. But after adding a new note (or changing the duration of an existing note), the velocity on the new/changed note is 80. A save and reload then re-applies the dynamics text so that all notes are again 64. Is this a known issue? (I searched but could not find mention of it)

Am also wondering whether it is possible to change the default note velocity in MS? I could not find such a setting under Edit->Preferences


Just answering some of my own questions after browsing through some source files....

For MS 1.1 (mscore-0-9-6 branch), it appears that "80" is the hardcoded default velocity for notes. So if dynamics are not present, then a note that has velocity type of "auto" will be assigned midi velocity of 80. Also, midi velocity of 80 maps to dynamics text of "mf", so essentially a score without dynamics text is treated as if the dynamics are "mf".

The default mapping of dynamics text to midi velocity for MS1.1 references a graphic on this wikipedia page: Dynamics (music) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and is as follows:

Dynamics Text default MIDI velocity
pppppp 1
ppppp 5
pppp 10
ppp 16
pp 33
p 49
mp 64
mf 80
f 96
ff 112
fff 126
ffff 127
fffff 127
ffffff 127

And of course as described in the handbook , the midi properties for dynamics text can be adjusted as desired.

velocity type="auto" is handled differently in the trunk. When a note has velocity type = "auto", the velocity displays nominally as 127, but apparently the actual velocity is calculated from velocity properties stored in the Measure object. Will try to figure out how to determine the measure's velocity information when I have some more time.

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