Entering articulation?

• Jan 13, 2012 - 10:42


I try to write some parts and had problem entering articulation.
I find some of these in the 'box' create->articulations and ornaments but dragging it to note is just to slow and I can't find shortcut.

and here is what I need:
Attack (^)
Tenuto (_)

Is there some way to print out keyboard shorcuts? Or to search in?


Shortcuts are listed, and customizable, in edit / preferences / shortcuts. i don,t know if either of those can be assigned a shortcut, though. Still no need for drag and drop. simply select as many notes as you want then double click the symbol in the palette, and you can instantly add a marking to as many notes as you wish.

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None of these are listed... But a lot of other is.
I just discovered selection and doubleclick. Isn't bad as it fells at 1'st time.

I had another question (I hope it's good to ask in this thread and not to open another one)
How to make more space betwen note?
Ie in some place I want more space betwen note. I found that I can apply more space to complete measure (add more/les stretch) But that isn't what I want.
For example if note is 1/8 Gb with dot on right and next note is Gb of F# the dot betwen is near merged. So I wan't to add space just there.

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In general, it *is* better to start a new thread - for one thing, it makes the discussion easier to find and recognize later should someone else do a forum search to find an answer to the same question.

Anyhow, in addition to double click / nudge, see also the right click "note properties" menu, which allows you to add leading or trailing space. Also consider simply adding more stretch to the measure (select measure, "}", or layout->add more stretch).

i found that if u add whatever articulations u need to a note (any note) then right click the articulation (not the note) then press copy. once u have done that use the keyboared arows to scroll to whatever note u want then press Ctrl+v then it will paste that piece of articulation onto whaterver that u have selected with the arrow keys (whatever note has transparent blue rectangle over it)

Hope i helped

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