More instrument voices

• Apr 1, 2009 - 23:40

It would be great if musescore had more playback voices than just piano. Am i missing something or is the only voice available piano?


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This seems to come up an awful lot for something that is addressed in the handbook. Would it be better for Musescore to search for available soundfonts on initial install and prompt the user to choose which one to use? Is that even possible? Maybe the installer could make these changes... I don't know.

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This is a known issue and something I hope to sort out before the 1.0 release.

If anyone's interesting in making a compact SoundFont based on the samples donated to OLPC let me know.

Most SoundFonts have unclear, undocumented sources and would cause license issues if it was distributed with MuseScore. FluidR3_GM.sf2 is one of the few SoundFonts that is compatible with the GLP license. However it is very large, it would increase the download size of MuseScore six-fold, slow down MuseScore, and not every computer could cope with the large size SoundFont (mine included).

Another option is to use the SoundFont that comes with Windows. It is high quality considering its size.

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I think I may not have been understood. What I meant to suggest is that the installer would do a search of the new user's computer for soundfonts that are already available on that computer. It could just look for the .sf2 tag. The installer would then prompt the user to select a soundfont and warn them of the consequences of not selecting one.
I would certainly agree that having a large, unworkable soundfont distributed with Musescore would be of no help, but if the user already had a soundfont on their computer, such as the microsoft one you mention, they may not know it and it may be helpful if MuseScore made them aware.
As it stands, I'm afraid some users may get a bad impression of the program just because they don't know how to get the sound working properly, and haven't come across the right page in the handbook.

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